1.  Is registration a first-come-first-serve basis or a lottery?

      Registration will be on a first-come-first-serve basis.   Your Registration will be time and date stamped at the time of submission (including seconds)

      by the computer.

2.   If I have multiple children to register, will their time and date stamp be different?

      No. We will use the time and date stamp of your first child registered for all of the children in your immediate family being registered.

3.  What happens if I miss the online time window to register?

      Come by the CEC office and fill out a form. Your form will be time and date stamped at that time.

4.  What happens if I can’t complete the registration process due to website or computer

      A. Immediately send an e-mail to mmonroe@kingsland.org with your child’s name and birthdate.   The time and date of your e-mail will be

           your time and date stamp.

      B. Come by the CEC office after 10:00 a.m. to fill out a form and pay the registration fee to complete the registration process.

5.  What should I do if all of the classes I want to register for in my child’s age group are full?

      You will still need to fill out a registration form that will be time and date stamped because the Waiting List will be based off of the

       first-come-first-serve order. No Registration fee is due if  you are only placing your child on the Waiting List.

6.  What happens if I am placed on a Waiting List after I have paid a registration fee?

      Your registration fee will be refunded.

7.  When will I know what class my child has been placed in?

      You will receive an email from our office within one week of registration notifying you if your child has been placed in their first, second,

      or third choice, or if they are placed on the wait list.  Class rosters are not finalized until the summer for teacher or friend requests